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Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der Technischen Universität München (TUM)

Thomas-Mann-Str. 6
82340 Feldafing

Tel. +49 (0) 8157 28-5507

Pain Center Starnberger See

Our Pain Center is for over the last decades one of the largest and renown European institutions for multimodal therapy of patients with chronic pain.

Interdisciplinary Multimodal Paintherapy

Chronic pain is a frequently encountered phenomenon with considerable psychosocial and socioeconomic consequences. There is growing evidence that patients with a chronic pain-disorder require a treatment structure that consists of a broad range of components as provided in interdisciplinary multimodal paintherapy. 

That means a comprehensive treatment where in addition to medical therapy various other specialized therapeutic interventions based on the biopsychosocial model of pain origin and chronic pain development, are added.  

What we can offer

After decades of experience we offer this approach in our newly constructed clinic for inpatient-, dayclinic, and outpatient settings in close cooperation of several disciplines and experienced highly qualified professions (pain physicians, psychology, physiotherapy, medical trainig therapy, co-therapy, pain nurses, art-therapy), applying different therapy methods, still beyond one compact and individual treatment schedule. Our utmost goal is the improvement of physical outcomes (pain intensity and physical activity), psychological outcomes (emotional wellbeing), social outcomes (satisfaction with social roles, social activities and productivity) and thus, of patients health-related quality of life. 

Our different professions under the lead of Prof. Dr. Rainer Freynhagen (D.E.A.A.) collaborate closely and interact constantly in daily team sessions to improve the patients situation. All of this is corroborated by continuous research work as documented through current top ranked international publications. As already mentioned, not just reducing and treating pain solely but also improving patients´ physical and psychological functionality is the main core of our multimodal treatment approach. At the same time patients learn to cope with their chronic pain in a far better way, which makes life for most of them much more easy.

Making Appointments

Admitted to EU-patients with an E112 form or private patients both necessarily speaking and understanding the German language (B1 or B2 knowledge required)

  1. Fill out our German pain questionnaire (assessment tool)
  2. You will be invited to an outpatient appointment (1 day assessment)
  3. Treatments in our outpatient clinic or if necessary inpatient hospital treatment may follow

Have questions about  appointments or general questions on our admitting procedure? 

Please contact our office staff T +49 (0) 8157 - 28 5507 or via mail

Our Response to COVID-19

We are still making appointments and offering therapies for our patients, in both outpatient clinic and during inpatient hospital treatment considering and providing all necessary and optimized infection protection facilities. Beside infection control measures (distancing, hand disinfection, mask wearing, correct ventilation) we are treating only a limited number of patients in every of our outpatient and inpatient therapy rooms. All staff and patients are tested regularly of COVID 19; moreover,  contactfree temperature measurements are being carried out every day. Keeping patients and the medical staff safe is our highest priority.

For more latest information on COVID 19 and latest COVID 19 related developments please visit the website of Robert Koch Institute Germany

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